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Comprehensive subscription service

The price for a standard set of services on the terms of unlimited service. Changing the set of services - to change the prices (prices are relevant to December 1, 2014).

Comprehensive service

Sites Price,
euro per day
euro per month
Corporate website 20 600
Auto Dealer 23 700
Lawyers, notaries 16 470
Travel agency 30 900
Sports team or club 37 1100
Hotel 23 700
Cinema 23 700
Management company (finance) 45 1350
The operator of outdoor advertising 20 600
Hospitals and other HCF 20 600

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Price,
euro per day
 euro per month
Android 103 3100
iOS 103 3100
Android+iOS 200 5700

Online shops

Online shops Price,
euro per day
euro per month
A site with a catalog of products 21 600
Shop without integration or partial integration 27 800
Shop with integration of (1C, payment systems, aggregators of goods, delivery service, search engines) 35 1000
Shop with integration of (1C, payment systems, aggregators of goods, delivery service, search engines, CRM and other systems) 38 1100

Internet media

Internet media Price,
euro per day
euro per month
Media 24 700
Media, spread in the aggregators and social networks 38 1100
Media, distribution and mobile applications 52 1150
Media, distribution, outsourcing and mobile newsroom 85 2500

Corporate Portals и CRM

Corporate Portals Price,
euro   per day
euro per month
information portal 35 1000
CRM 52 1550
Portal и CRM 76 2200

Ready solutions

Solutions Price, euro
Customer base price minimum necessary licenses + 1000
Feed for employees price minimum necessary licenses + 600

Solutions Bitrix

«1С-Bitrix» site Management Price, euro
Editorial «first site» 43
Editorial «Start» 108
Editorial «Standart» 304
Editorial «Expert» 889
Editorial «Small business» 607
Editorial «Business» 1237
Editorialя «Web cluster» 2824
«1С-Bitrix» Corporate Portal Price, euro
Cloud service «Bitriks24». Editorial «Draft» 0  per month
Cloud service «Bitriks24». Editorial «Team» 108 per month
Cloud service «Bitriks24». Editorial «Company» 217 per month
Boxed version«1С-Bitrix24». Editorial «Corporate Portal» 2815
Boxed version«1С-Bitrix24». Editorial «Holding» 7163


Solutions Prices, euro
Cetera CMS 900

Cetera Call

Service Price, euro
Connecting and installing widgets, 1 site Free
Connecting and installing widgets, each following website 70 

The subscription fee for one line per month, includes 10 calls a day and 1 hour of the day  talk  on the route Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities.

Minutes of calls to other destinations are prepaidat competitive rates by pre-replenishment account.


Support services

Service Price euro
Writing text materials 0,02 for characters with spaces
Web Hosting 37 a month

Demoversion Cetera CMS

Productive, fast in management and the control system of the sites optimized for search engines.

Mission of Cetera

More effective to find all competitors in the Internet of consumers for our Clients. To be the most customer-oriented, sociable and polite contractor in the market. To train Employees and to provide with long-term and modern work on mutually advantageous conditions.