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Cetera CMS — innovative Cetera Labs content management and eCommerce-product, based at 10-years of experience and agile development methodologies. Cetera CMS helps to start your internet sales in 5 minutes.

Cetera CMS is free and licensed under MIT. Product is open source and published at GitHub

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Corporate website

Open free of charge in 1 minute. Order individual design, pay-per-click advertising and search engines optimization.


Open web-shop and start sales today. Order advertising and integration with your warehouse system.


  1. Content management system.
  2. Website structure management.
  3. Search engines optimization.
  4. Online sales management.
  5. Templates editor (PUG, HTML, CSS).


  1. Order completely individual website design or module from the system maintainer and partners.
  2. Deploy your website at your personal server if needed. You can switch to your own server in cases of traffic boosts, individual integration needs, corporate security requirements and so on.
  3. Free of charge. All modules are included to al versions. Fees may apply to some partners modules.
  4. All design themes are mobile-ready. We use Foundation for coding. Your website will work at any devices, from 4K TV to small smartphone.
  5. Great SEO features are included in the system. And Cetera Labs will help you to setup advertising campains.
  6. Multiply website support.

3 ways to launch your website for free

Your server

Download software from GitHub and launch at your own server.

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Our cloud

Download from the cloud and move to own server later.

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Contact our webdesign-partners world wide for professional services.

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