We organize the Internet-tasks

We will open an Internet shop, find the customers and help to sell in Internet. Retail and B2B.

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Организуем интернет-продажи
Рекомендации для владельцев интернет-магазинов

Recommendations for Internet shop owners for free

You can download recommendations for Internet shop owners for free. A collection of the best aricles on thedevelopment of shops for 2013-2014 years.



We are using ready for installing systems Cetera CMS and "1C-Bitrix". We are filling shops with goods inauthomatic regime. We are writing descriptions to the goods independently. We open first versions of Internetshops within few days. Give the first clients at once. We reduce time of entering the market andreduce the shop launching start investments.



In first days we attract first clients by the contextual advertising and integration with aggregators of goods.Then we connect the search engine optimization, search and social retargeting, activate the afiliat enetworks. We develop the content-strategies for social networks, open Internet shops in VK and Facebook,help to launch the niche Internet-media.



We help to provide for user high quality content. We continuously improve the convenience of Internetshopsusing. Personalize Internet-shops due to the interests of user. Introduce the call-toaction mechanics.Develop the Internet-shops under the control of analitic instruments.


Пригласите нас на презентацию

Invite us for a presentation

We will tell about support order, define the required list of services. We will describe the key abstracts ofour order for five minutes.
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    Know how Cetera attract customers in the Internet ecosystem.
  • Support and development of sites ›

    Constant support and intensive development of Internet shops
  • Presentation of the quick launching model of Internet-shops ›

    To launch in standard design presented by CMS. Get the feedback. To design a unique solution. Tointroduce. To test. To optimize. To continue infinitely.
Презентация концепции многоканальной электронной коммерции

Control system for Internet shops 1C-Bitrix

The ready-made Internet-shop from the box. Numerous marketplace-solutions. Readymade themes fordifferent branches design.
Система управления интернет-магазинами 1С-Битрикс

Why we are better?

Fast start

We provide ready solutions, instructions and recommendations. We rely on own experience and branchanalytics. Open your sites faster

Complex development

Subscription services. We do the unlimited amount of tasks for fixed price. We don't spend time on tasevaluation and price harmonization. We attract clients for you more effective.


We created more than 500 sites for 200 clients since 2001. Look our experience on Internet-shops in our portfolio. We offer a fast launch of Internetshops based on the ready themes design and unique layoutsdevelopment based on the feedback from c ustomers with the aim of conversion increasing.
Бесплатный тест наших услуг

Free test our services

Our services to the end of month - for the account of Cetera. We can have enough time to open a site or togive recommendations about its development. We will have time to establish the Clients's inflow, to solvethe infrastructure problems, to fulfill some of the burning tasks.

Demoversion Cetera CMS

Productive, fast in management and the control system of the sites optimized for search engines.

Mission of Cetera

More effective to find all competitors in the Internet of consumers for our Clients. To be the most customer-oriented, sociable and polite contractor in the market. To train Employees and to provide with long-term and modern work on mutually advantageous conditions.