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Our client

Rusbody — sports nutrition eCommerce in Moscow. Rusbody sells food and vitamins for athletes online.

Project goals

  1. Launch the first version of the website in two weeks and starts sales immediately.
  2. Provide Rusbody managers with mobile website-management interfaces.


Cetera used Magento software to launch Rusbody webshop.

The project included these components:

  1. Infrastructure setup.
  2. eCommerce software installation.
  3. Custom order-processing module development.
  4. Webshop integration payment gateway.



Used for eCommerce front office. Provided Rusbody managers with site management tools and interfaces.


Linux Debian, Apache 2, MySQL Enterprise and PHP were used as a platform.


Cetera developed the website in a very short time. And our customer needed no support in the future. So we used waterfall framework in this project.

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