Agile approaches help teams to respond to unpredictable situations through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. Agilists propose alternatives to the waterfall, or traditional sequential development.

10 key principles of agile. These are characteristics that make agile fundamentally different to a more traditional waterfall approach to software development.

  1. Involvement of active users
  2. The team is a decision maker
  3. Requirements evolve but the timescale is fixed
  4. Requirements should be captured at a high level; lightweight & visual
  5. Developing small, incremental releases and iterating
  6. Frequent releases 
  7. Completing each feature before moving on to the next
  8. Applying to the 80/20 rule
  9. Frequent, early and integrated testing throughout the project lifecycle 
  10. Collaborative & cooperative approach between all stakeholders

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