When a web project meets a need to reach the next level - the lack of expertise, experience and advice is commonly felt. You should hire and strengthen your team or find an external consultant to meet the challenge.

The benefits of a consultant's externality are that they have varied experience outside the client company.

Marvin Bower,
ex McKinsey's director

Of course you’re an expert in your business field but while implementing your project on the Web you may only be a few moves away from achieving your goals. We know which ones. It’s much more visible from the outside. Let us provide you with the insights and direction.

Cetera Labs as a web consultant can provide a client with:

  • external, objective advice and recommendations based on numerous projects experience,
  • access to the consultants' specialized expertise and knowledge of modern technical trends
  • the help during a project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required in the terms of financial efficiency

Business analysists at Cetera Labs collaborate closely with customers' management and employees on levels defining and validating requirements through interviews, user interface design discussions and prototype evaluations.

The consulting process within our company embraces the following stages:

  • Defining budget, scope, and timelines for project
  • Creating and validating a prototype together with the testing requirements
  • Creating an eye-catching yet technological design solution together with the design guidelines for all needs of a client on the Web.
  • Managing the whole process
  • Testing the resulting solution
  • Managing following changes of the project basing on the analysis of user experience tracked with the special analytic tools

Our task is to propose appropriate solutions that leverage both best practices and creative thinking.

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