Inbound B2B-marketing

Cetera offers the development of complete internet-marketing system for your B2B-business.

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Our approach consists of:

Automated advertising campaigns

Automate search queries collection. Create ads from CMS interface. Set up cross-reference web site links according to your keywords database.

Multichannel content distribution

Create new content for social media and UGC-websites. Use your CMS for SMM. Share content with filled open graph tags. Publish everywhere with the click of a button.

Website and CRM all-in-one platform

Manage content and customers in one interface. Get leads and convert customers. Set up web site flows and goals. Monitor ROI of your advertising channels inside CMS. 

Predictive CRM and sales automation

Track your web site anonymous visitors. Search their contacts. Install and utilize automatic sales workflows. Increase sales. And reduce labor costs in your sales department. 

Project scope


Cetera uses agile development process for:

  1. Fast eCommerce web site launch.
  2. Alternation of consulting and development cycles.
  3. A/B-testing results implementation.

Tech stack

Cetera uses an open source platform, which consists of MySQL, PHP, PUG, JavaScript and HTML5 for maximum compatibility.

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Vladislav Ukhov
Managing partner
Maria Lebedeva
Chief of sales

49 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

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