Advertising campaigns set up

Setting up your ad campaign is a work demanding both special skills and lots of time. You got to deal with a variety of interfaces in different online advertising systems from Google AdWords and Facebook ads to LinkedIn and whatever.

You should:

  • define appropriate search phrases and keywords,
  • compose advertising messages,
  • choose geographic location where you’d like ads to show,
  • choose “bid strategy”, set your daily budget
  • and so on and so on.

In Cetera Labs we use software and automation systems for setting up and monitoring our clients’ advertising campaigns:

  • Special tools allow us to precisely define keywords which your potential clients use to find your products and services on the internet.
  • Using vesatile CMS to create multiple landing pages for different types of your offers, products and seervices
  • Integrating your ad campaign with CMS and CRM systems to fast publish new ads and  modifying your campaign parameters according to monitoring results.

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