Marketing channels set up

Setting up and tuning digital marketing channels can significantly enhance user experience and help deliver optimum performance benefiting in increasing conversion of the visitors into customers.

Social media channels

Current social media marketing organic reach becomes more and more more unreliable. We at Cetera Labs carefully analise customers’ presentation in social media and utilising and optimising features that will help give competitive edge. The key feature is that all the work with social media is done inside one unified interface of our content management system effectively and without dubbing the job. No need to use different interfaces and manually copy content from your web site to social media accounts.

Content networks

YouTube and SlideShare are the key content networks that provide good options for ‘findability’ and advanced search engines optimization (SEO). Sometimes even simple changes to settings or content publishing  practice can increase their value.

Google ecosystem

Google has a wide range of tools for promoting your company’s products and services on the internet. Most of those tools are closely integrated and work together smoothly but setting up the Google system up is a real challenge. But getting the channels and tools to work well and integrate with each other and your web-site will bring significant results in terms of search engine optimisation and company’s offer visibility on the internet.

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