We offer to create a website for you

You will get a website with quick launch, further development, support and promotion for a fixed monthly fee.

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That is achieved by using ready-to install systems Cetera CMS and "1CBitrix"; opening firstversions of sites in original individual design; writing the texts just in couple of days; brining innew customers; reducing launching time and initial investments; subsequent developing underanalytical control.


As encoding standards and execution regulations of applicatio ns have their affect on it; widelyknown, common and compatible technologies are used; 25 hours per month are also paid byCetera; the execution of t he personal monthly training plan for all staff is controlled.


Which is fixed as a monthly fee at all stages of cooperation; is not raised by allocating budget and software licenses prices; is not determined by limiting the range of services. You will b e surprisedthat the website may start even earlier You will m ake the first payment

Just invite us to the presentation

We will tell you where you can find clients for your business. Within 5 minutes we’ll present keypoints of our proposal. And we’ll answer to all your questions at once.
  • Complex service 

  • The main competitive advantage is Cetera. The format of serv ice is convenient for customers. All services are provided at a single fixed price.
  • Website Support 

  • Locate in the European data center. Admini ster the server, ensure the safetyand efficiency.
  • The development of sites 

    Develop new modules and publish new material. Work on your request. And regularly make our proposals for development.
  • Website Promotion

    Find clients in search engines and social networks. Deal with increasing conversion and optimization of sites.


Since 2001 we created more than 500 sites for 200 clients. See the best works in our portfolio. Methods of development of style solutio ns include surveys, projecting and design. So we simplify and accelerate harmonization of layouts.

Why are we better?

A large company.

More than 50 employees. We always provide free resources to start development. And y ou don’t зdepend on the personality of the manager on our part.

10 years of experience

Provide readymade solutions, instructions and recommendations. We rely on our ownexperience and industry analytics. Openyo ur websites faster. Attract clients for you more effectively.

Cetera CMS

It is optimized for search engines, a safe and productive system of website management. Enable syou to run websites in a few days.

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Free test of our services

Our services until the end of the mo nth are at the expense of Cetera. We can manage to open a website or give recommendations for its development. We can have time to adjust the influx of customers, to solve infrastructural problems, perform a few last minute tasks.

Demoversion Cetera CMS

Productive, fast in management and the control system of the sites optimized for search engines.

Mission of Cetera

More effective to find all competitors in the Internet of consumers for our Clients. To be the most customer-oriented, sociable and polite contractor in the market. To train Employees and to provide with long-term and modern work on mutually advantageous conditions.