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Cetera Labs offers eCommerce development and integration for the price of $1,250 in 5 weeks. Add-on services and support are charged at $30/hour. Package features are described below.

Key features:

  1. Mobile-Ready/Responsive design — FoundationTM library is used to provide accessibility on variety of devices - from traditional desktops and notebooks to mobile phones and tablets. No extra costs and development to help deliver information to your customers on mobile platforms, whenever they are.
  2. We'll make your visitors stay longer on your website — Our publishing standards allow your visitors to discover additional useful content to hold them on your website.
  3. High Google rankings — our work complies with Google's official SEO standards.
  4. Fast and reliable e-Commerce web site (affects SEO rank) — we use NGINX high-performance caching server, optimize images, minimize coding, and follow Google page speed recommendations.
  5. Web standards — Clean and reliable website code works at any modern browser and on variety of handheld devices.
  6. We'll help to convert visitors into customers — We induce visitors to become your customers. User-friendly forms provide additional motivation to result in more than 1% of traffic conversion for our clients.
  7. Ease of operation — ExtJS administration interfaces are Windows-friendly and very usable.
  8. Use aggregators to increase sales — we prepare your catalog for export to Google Shopping and others.
  9. Individual design — aesthetic and eye-catching to capture your customers. Based on your logo, colors and other style elements and corporate design guidelines.
  10. Website modules include:
    • Structure,
    • Content,
    • News,
    • Catalog,
    • Advanced product page,
    • Shopping cart,
    • Order processing,
    • Payments,
    • Delivery, with delivery price calculation,
    • Search filters, related goods.
  11. Bonus offer: ".com" domain (if you don't own one yet), 3-year hosting plan and warranty.
  12. Superbonus: Native Android OS application for your customers, integrated with your online store (developed after the website is fully launched).

For more simple corporate website see our website offer. Add-on services and support are charged at $30/hour.

Technologies used:

Websites that we develop utilize widely-used, free, and open-source software with worldwide support available.

  1. Linux operating system.
  2. Apache web-server.
  3. MySQL database server.
  4. PHP programming language.
  5. Twig template processing for PHP.
  6. SASS cascade style sheets extension.
  7. PUG template processing for HTML.
  8. ExtJS, AngularJS and jQuery JavaScript libraries.

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E-Commerce website Add-on services and support
$30/hour (volume discounts available)

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