What is WordPress?

Today it is the most popular Content Management System in the world. Summarizing, a content management system is a web application that allows site owners, editors, authors to manage their sites and publish content without any programming knowledge.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, they are supported by almost all hosting providers. But special hosting plans for WordPress can provide you with the best speed, performance and reliability. WordPress is the best platform in the world for a blog or an Internet project, where news, articles, photos, videos and other information (content) are published daily.

5 main advantages:

  • Free of charge.
  • WordPress is a free system. For a beginner who wants to create a blog or a small project, this is an important argument and a huge advantage.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • The entire installation process takes no more than 5 minutes, and for this you do not need to be a programmer, to understand the code and technical nuances. The developers have tried to make the system as simple and user friendly as possible so that even beginners can quickly figure it out.

  • Cross-platform.
  • WordPress is installed and used directly on your website (server). You do not need to install anything on the computer. This means that you can manage your site from any computer from any operating system. The only prerequisite is an Internet connection.

  • Built-in editor.
  • Using the WordPress editor is very simple and easy, mainly due to the intuitive built-in editor. Formatting text, links, inserting pictures and videos - all this is done in a couple of clicks.

  • Popularity.
  • WordPress is the world's most popular content management system. According to official statistics, the WordPress market share among other competitors exceeds 55%. More than 58 million sites in the world are powered by WordPress. Over 297 million people view 2.5 billion WordPress pages every month. Every 7th site in the world is created and powered by WordPress.

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