About Cetera Labs

How to transfer website support to Cetera Labs?

If the website already exists you need to provide us:

  1. All avaiable website passwords, consisting of at least:
    1. Full SSH access with root privileges.
    2. FTP access to the server, where the site is located.
    3. FTP access to the server, where site backups are stored (if available).
    4. Access to MySQL as root.
    5. Access to MySQL with website user permissions.
    6. Access to the website administrative interface with full rights.
    7. The path to the hosting admin interface.
    8. Full access to the hosting control panel.
    9. Full access to domains management panel and DNS hosting.
  2. Access to counters, installed on the site (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, Liveinternet ...)
  3. Access to search engines panels (Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Yandex Webmaster...)
  4. Access to the repository or a copy of the website source code repository.
  5. User guide / development guide / administration guide / API of the existing site.

If you transfer a copy of the website to Cetera

  1. The better way is to provide us access to the current website, as described in the section "If there is a working site". We'll create it copy and deploy at the new server.
  2. If this isn't possible, then you need to provide us:
    1. MySQL database dump in sql-file, in utf-8 encoding, in a separate archive.
    2. A copy of all website file system, without any exceptions, in a separate archive.
    3. A copy of all available website documentation in a separate archive.
  3. Cetera will deploy the site received from you on a test hosting, check its performance.
  4. If the site will be transferred to the "live" hosting Cetera, then, after deploy and check, you'll need to change the DNS settings for the website's domains.