We are interested in receiving new applications for the support and development of sites of all types. Especially on the terms of unlimited subscription service.

We can sell ourselves or with your participation, we can accept an already signed contract from you (according to our template). It does not affect the amount of the agent's remuneration. We sign an agency agreement and work with individual agents.

  • We give 100% of the monthly fee of the first month to the partner after signing the act and receiving money from the client in three equal tranches during the first three months of the contract with the client, provided that it is not interrupted during this period.
  • Or (at the choice of the agent) 10% of all payments by the client, excluding transit payments in favor of third persons.
  • Or $800 off private technical tasks.

Where do partners get clients from?

  1. Among own client base in related business.
  2. Among friends and acquaintances.
  3. There are professional aggregators of applications for web development. Exchanges. Tender sites. We do not recommend partners to spend time on this. Most likely, we have already seen this application. Not many sites.
  4. But local aggregators, closed groups, telegram channels — it is interesting. You can work on these applications.
  5. We ourselves practically do not see applications from abroad (except for popular exchanges). Most likely you will be our first and welcome guest with any foreign application.

How do we help partners?

  1. We will select a rate upon request.
  2. We will collect requirements for the project (questionnaires on the site, teleconferences with our participation).
  3. Initial consultation (if requested by the client). Our goal in consulting — collection of requirements and exit for project evaluation.
  4. We will write a commercial offer.
  5. We will take part in the presentation of the commercial offer.
  6. We will negotiate the contract ourselves.

Agency contract Contact sales department

How do we not help partners?

  1. We do not make calculations for one-time development according to technical specifications for participation in tenders. Because we do not believe in the effectiveness of the cascade model of development under contract agreements. And we do not believe in tenders (especially under the Federal Law) as a source of orders. And we do not work with the state at all.