Lime Office — internet-shop of office furniture

The company «Lime Office» offers original and modern collections of office furniture, covering a variety of styles and trends.

Modern office interior is designed to perform a variety of different functions: it must determine the course of work processes, promote teamwork, provide space for the implementation of creative ideas and stimulate high productivity.  At the same time, an office is one of the most important components of a company's image, both at the external level - for customers and business partners, and at the internal level — for employees.


To develop online store selling office furniture in Moscow and Moscow region.


Analyzed market competitors.


Expand the launch of the online store in stages.  From the MVP version of the site on the 4th month of operation, to the realization of all the identified vision ideas that distinguish the site from the competition for the 7th month.

Key indicators for measuring results of project implementation

The IM template is deployed on the fast site in the first week of cooperation, the launch of the first version is on the 4th month, advertising campaigns are launched on the 5th.

 The design of ordinary pages is accepted without comment. The regular module for importing goods from the catalog for unloading the customer has been improved.

Pages and modules of the site

Home page

Home page




The site was launched on time, according to the schedule.  After the implementation of all the tasks identified in the vision, will receive the necessary distinctive functional features that will allow the site to become higher than competitors, both in terms of usability and positions in the search results.