Paketville — plastic bags wholesale

Packetville is a plastic bag manufacturer that has been actively developing within its market for 6 years.

Package production is located in Zelenograd, which provides us with a competitive advantage in price and logistics.  The plant is equipped with the latest imported equipment, in the manufacture of packages apply only modern innovative technologies.


Develop a website paketville.ru with a product catalog for collecting bulk orders for the manufacture of packages.  At the same time, the site should not be as colorful as a landing page.  Our resource must meet all the requirements of SEO optimization and generate free search engine traffic.


Analyzed the market of competitors.  In the analysis it turned out that the competition in the field is extremely high, but there was not a single competitor site that would meet modern requirements for usability.  Therefore it was necessary to go deep into the international experience.


In developing the breakthrough technique “Quick start” was applied.  And along with excellent feedback from the customer, the lack of iterations when rendering the main layout and developing the prototype, the site was launched in record time for the project team.

Pages and modules of the site

Home page

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The site is running on time, less than planned. Accordingly, they were able to start implementing the promotion strategy earlier. The project can be considered an ideal example of development, when the customer does not delay the project in the provision of materials, as quickly as possible gives feedback to all the issues requiring his attention, and production workers perform their work efficiently, without delay.