eCommerce and CRM for Xbitlabs.com

XbitLabs — popular computer hardware media.

Project goals

  1. Leverage revenue with the help of computer parts sales.
  2. Manage website subscriptions.


Cetera used Bitrix24 CRM and Magento eCommerce software to launch XbitLabs webshop and CRM. Working together these 2 software products give XbitLabs sales force a vivid picture of customers and subscribers.

Order management and subscriptions sales were organized with Magento. Email and event marketing were automated with the help of Bitrix24 CRM.

Project included these components:

  1. Strategy and consulting.
  2. Infrastructure setup.
  3. CRM on-premise installation and configuration.
  4. eCommerce installation.
  5. Business processes analysis and automation.
  6. eCommerce UX and UI design.
  7. eCommerce coding, development and integration.
  8. Support.

The project for XbitLabs was developed on an Agile development model. The launch period was six months.


Bitrix24 CRM

On-premise CRM was installed in the XbitLabs office. In was configured according to subscription sales process.


Used for eCommerce frontoffice. Provided XbitLabs with site management tools and interfaces.


Linux Debian, Apache 2, MySQL Enterprise and PHP were used as a platform.


Cetera team used Agile development process in this project. Scrum is an agile framework for managing work with an emphasis on software development. It is designed for teams of three to nine developers who break their work into actions that can be completed within timeboxed iterations, called sprints (typically two-weeks) and track progress and re-plan in 15-minute stand-up meetings, called daily scrums.